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SJE Corporation Optima SD - Car cleaning machine
World Market Number 1 - OPTIMA STEAMER!
  • World Market Number 1
  • Diesel Steamer - OPTIMA SD
    • Diesel Steamer-OPTIMA SD Small Photo
    • Diesel Steamer-OPTIMA SD Small Photo
    • Diesel Steamer-OPTIMA SD Small Photo
    • Diesel Steamer-OPTIMA SD Small Photo
  • Diesel Steamer

  • Certifications
    • Brand
    • Model Name
    • Manufacturer
    • SJE Corporation.
    • Certifications
    • CSA (c-CSA-us)
    • Manufacturing Origin
    • South Korea
    • Factory
    • Busan, Korea
  • Icon  OVERVIEW
  • Optima Steamer™ SD is equipped with the most heat efficient diesel boiler and generates powerful steam jet. It can be used for car wash, general cleaning, weed removal and more in mobile locations. Direct water line connection enabled by an automatic water refilling system will become handy when a continuous water source (i.e. water tab) is available on your site. It is the most popular model amongst all product lines we offer.
    Diesel Steamer Optima SD Applications
  • Icon  FEATURES
    • Heat Efficient Boiler
    • "Air-wall" insulation structure provides the boiler great efficiency. With 19 years of know-how, we have created an energy-saving unique heating system.
    • Multi-stage Safety Features
    • Automatic alarm and control features include automatic stop in case of water or fuel shortage, out-of-range pressure or temperature, and overtime pump running. Mechanical safety features include pressure release valve and non-return check valves.
    • Efficient and Fast Cleaning
    • User-interfaced moisture control valve. For car wash, the Optima Steamer can wash the exterior and clean, disinfect and deodorize the interior.
    • All-in-one Cleaning Machine
    • Optima Steamer can be a professional exterior car wash machine, an excellent interior cleaning machine, an effective sanitizing equipment, a chemical-free weed-removal equipment, and a multi-purpose cleaning machine simultaneously without altering any internal settings or parts.
    • Automatic Control by CPU
    • Artificial intelligence enabled by the internal CPU monitors and controls mechanical and electrical operations of the machine. User-interface LED lamp signals, gauge, and alarm system alert users when necessary.
    • Environment-friendly Washing System
    • It has been scientifically designed to ensure the most water-saving cleaning. It takes less than one gallon (3.7 liters) of water to wash a full-sized car. Minimal water consumption makes wastewater-free car wash possible. You can achieve detergent-free car wash thanks to steam's effective cleaning power.
    • Flexible Usage
    • Use it whenever, wherever you need it: Machines mobility gives users more flexibility in application. Using the Optima Steamer for business requires fewer or no permissions thanks to its eco-friendliness. The automatic water filling feature no longer requires you to manually refill the water when a continuous water supply source is available on your site.
    • Simply the Best Steam Machine Yet!
    • As the No. 1 manufacturer of steam cleaning machines of this kind, we have the experience of dealing with different client needs from over 50 countries around the world. More experience also led us to constant research and development. You do not need to look any further for the best steam cleaning machine.
  • Icon  EXTERIOR
  • Diesel Steamer OPTIMA SD Exterior Front
  • Diesel Steamer OPTIMA SD Exterior Back
  • Accesspries Spares
  • MODELS SD SE 18K SE 27K SE 42K
    Working Pressure 7 ~ 8.5kg/cm2 (bar) / 101 ~ 123psi 7 ~ 8.5kg/cm2 (bar) / 101 ~ 123psi , A.S.M.E boiler - 6kg/cm2 (bar) / 87psi
    Max. Working Pressure 9.5kg/cm / 138psi 9.5kg/cm / 138psi , A.S.M.E boiler - 7kg/cm / 102psi
    Steam Temp. 178℃ / Max 200℃ (352℉ / Max 392℉) 174℃ / Max 200℃ (352℉ / Max 392℉)
    Spraying Temp. 135°C / 275°F 135°C / 275°F
    Preheating Time 2 ~ 3 minutes 7 minutes 6 minutes 7 minutes
    Rated Electricity Power 290 Watts (Max.) 18KW 27KW 42KW
    Voltage / Hertz 1ph 100V ~ 240V, 50 / 60Hz
    (Custom configuration available)
    3Ph 208 ~ 600V, 50 / 60Hz 3Ph 380 ~ 600V, 50 / 60Hz
    Water Tank Capacity 19ℓ 38ℓ
    Water Consumption Rate 300 ~ 1200cc/min (0.08 ~ 0.32gpm) 300 ~ 1200cc/min (0.08 ~ 0.32gpm)
    Fuel Tank Capacity 19ℓ -
    Spray Gun 3-way
    Net weight 108kgs 89kgs 98kgs 121kgs
    Dimension 84[L] x 52[W] x 87[H] cm
    Standard Accessories Steam gun K26 with nozzle(2), Steam hose 10m(2) Navy
  • ※ Specs and spares are subject to change without notice for improvement.
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